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JACOBY moebel, PETITPEU, Leonie Riesch, Mymic and FEEL A FIL: These 5 companies were selected last Friday for the next season of Creative Business Coaching. In the one-year coaching program, the teams' business and product ideas are further developed and driven forward with experts from the Creative Hub network.

Creative Hub received over 50 entries for this year's call for Creative Business Coaching. The teams behind the most promising ideas were invited to a pitch in front of a large jury last Friday. 5 companies won over the jury with innovative strength, technical excellence, sustainable concepts and economic foresight: JACOBY moebel, PETITPEU, Leonie Riesch, Mymic and FEEL A FIL.

Solutions for a Better Future

The business and product ideas aim - all in their own way - for a better future. All these companies work sustainably and conserve resources. “Sustainability is part of the DNA of every successful company these days. The fact that the selected projects deal innovatively and consistently with the topic of sustainability was an important criterion for us,” says Jakob Blumer, Managing Director a. i. of Creative Hub.
The participants can now expect a one-year support program in which they are accompanied by coaches and experts from various industries in order to further develop their business ideas and successfully bring their products and services to market. Creative Hub networks with relevant economic players and enables them to use platforms to show their work at home and abroad.

The participants

JACOBY moebel : JACOBY moebel is a young furniture brand from Basel. JACOBY designs and develops furniture in small series for private and business use, always with the highest standards of quality and design. It is a part of the philosophy that locally produced wood from sustainable sources is used.

PETITPEU: A PETITPEU is a small gift, suitable for every occasion. PETITPEU is also an online platform for Swiss creative work that offers such PETITPEUs. The PETITPEU is completely customizable in the online shop: Click on a gift and customize a greeting card with text and a photo.

Leonie Risch: Leonie Risch is a handbag label from Liechtenstein with focus on transparent and local production.
All products of Leonie Risch are handmade in the last leather goods manufactory in Switzerland. Timeless classics for the woman of today and tomorrow!

Mymic: Mymic is an integrative solution to a very topical problem: protective masks are barriers to non-verbal communication, especially for people with hearing loss. In addition, single-use masks are not sustainable. The Mymic mask was developed to protect in a positive and integrative way: its transparency enables non-verbal communication, and it’s also washable, environmentally friendly and adaptable for maximum comfort.

FEEL A FIL: FEEL A FIL is a sustainable Swiss knitwear label that is looking for new ways to create long-lasting fashion. FEEL A FIL is guided by the experiences of the blind and visually impaired and creates innovative products for everyone. FEEL A FIL unites the world of seeing and feeling and creates a new tactile experience. Because clothes that feel good stay in the closet longer!

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