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Anna Ernst

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Anna Ernst is self-employed as interior design consultant and stylist. With her holistic advice she helps private persons and professionals sharpen their image and surround themselves with captivating, styled settings.

Anna Ernst doesn’t just make rooms pretty. She is personal trainer for style-related questions.

Anna Ernst doesn’t just make rooms pretty. She researches, questions, conceives and realises ideas with creativity and passion in a wide range of styles. In the process her focus is always on her clients and their individual needs and wishes.

From the choice of colours, materials, and furnishings right to defining the matching accessories and requisites: Anna Ernst is not just a consultant in this capacity, she is more like a personal trainer for style-related questions. Through individual attention and an analysis of the specific style system and expectations, solutions are developed for spatial and picture compositions. With her professional experience and her academic qualifications she also has a solid understanding of photography and layout, and this flows into her work, too.

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