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Designer Søren Henrichsen’s work principle is based on combining the known with the unexpected – producing the “sudden twist”. It is a common thread running through all his products. A seemingly normal looking block of wood suddenly becomes a practical key-hanger – thanks to hidden magnets. Or a leather card holder is altered in such a way that it becomes a data protector – because it keeps RFID signals away from the credit cards.

Combining the known with the unexpected is a common thread running through all his products.

The Søren Henrichsen Design Studio combines here Swiss precision with Scandinavian simplicity. Regional wood and leather are the preferred materials. Added to the mix are pronounced artisanal, but also technical skills.

These are evident in the designer cuckoo clock, Hansruedi, for example. Here, Henrichsen combines southern German clock-making tradition with Scandinavian design and Swiss precision, and on top of that even modern light-sensor technology, so that the clock lets you sleep in peace at night. With that, Søren Henrichsen pursues a clear goal: timeless products with a certain “twist”.

But the next major milestone is also already clear: Søren Henrichsen wants to evolve from one-man show to a design label, with contributions from a variety of people.

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