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Trasporta is an innovative solution for people with handicaps: It is a designer bag for versatile use by wheelchair users. The intention of the project’s creator, designer Alain Zanchetta, is to promote inclusion through design. He also wants to simplify life with products that break down barriers, and to celebrate human diversity at the same time, with style and taste.

Here, barriers are being broken down, life simplified, and human diversity celebrated at the same time.

Trasporta can be comfortably carried on the lap by wheelchair users, without them having to hold on to it. The matching tray helps. If the bag is taken out of the tray for use as carrying bag, for example, the tray can now be used as additional space to conveniently and safely set down items while shopping, for example. Alternatively Trasporta can also be fastened to the back of the wheelchair – which means it is very versatile to use.

One of the strengths of the bag is that it was produced with the help of actual users. Through Heinz Frei, wheelchair sport legend and coach of young talent, a collaboration with the Swiss Paraplegic Centre developed. The product has already been tested by many wheelchair users who are active participants in the project.

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