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The mission of the Thomas Jakobson label is to establish a new awareness for socks: On offer are designer socks and bow ties made of organic cotton, produced in the last remaining Swiss sock factory. The combination of matching socks and bow ties captures the attention of the viewer, surprises him and puts a smile on his face.

The man behind the label is designer Thomas Gfeller. He wants to free people of their ignorance regarding socks – this supposedly so unimportant piece of clothing. For him it is about more than just “fashion for the feet”. For Thomas it is about the wonderful feeling of going out well-dressed. For this it is important that everything is coordinated: shirt, pullover, scarf – and also the socks, of course.

Thomas Jakobson’s mission is to establish a new awareness for socks.

And it isn’t just a matter of design, it is about everything as a whole: the fabrics and the workmanship – with Thomas Jakobson everything is obtained from sustainable production, is of the highest quality, and is made in Switzerland.

On the subject of growth objectives, however, Gfeller is reticent. For him quality growth is considerably more important than quantitative: He doesn’t want to make it big at any cost.

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