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Mymic provides the answer to a current problem: 16% of Europeans are hard of hearing. Many are dependent on lip reading, which is hardly possible in times of a pandemic when the mouth and nose are covered. With Mymic, a transparent, integrative mask solution was created that keeps non-verbal communication alive. And it is extremely sustainable. Behind the innovation is a young, international team of designers. 

Sometimes a smile is enough for successful communication. With the Mymic mask, this is no problem, even in times of a pandemic. The Swiss Laure Gremion and her Belgian-French designer colleagues Carine Khalil, Olivier Reboullet, Florian Roualin and Camille B├ęchet have created more than just a transparent mouth and nose protection. Mymic is, so to speak, perfection: the mask is highly flexible and fits perfectly to the contour of the face. The filter insert makes breathing easy. Mymic consists mainly of natural and recycled rust materials and is washable and reusable - and therefore environmentally-friendly.

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