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Metallo Dolce

CYM M1 w 4x3

“Metallo Dolce” is the name for lampshades made of ultra-thin, flexible brass sheets. The lightness they radiate kindles for people and the environment nothing but a sense of well-being: these lamps are not a burden on anyone. Neither in appearance, nor in use of materials, nor in transport. At the same time they are robust and durable, just as the chosen material promises.

The lamps radiate a lightness that kindles for people and the environment nothing but a sense of well-being.

The brains behind Metallo Dolce is the designer Giulio Parini. With the project he won the "Artist of the year” award from Bally, and used the promotion money to launch his business. Its mission is to produce intelligent and responsible solutions for the light design industry, with the help of a special carving technique on thin sheets. The designs are the result of a short and simple production process: The superfluous is removed, leaving space for poetic forms.

In the meantime Parini wants to venture beyond the Swiss border and market his lampshades in France and Italy. More lightweight products are to follow. Three candle holders have already been added.

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