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JACOBY moebel is a radical commitment to the essentials: living room and office furniture in which no frills are too many but every detail is right. The design is timelessly simple. Noble hardwoods from local forests are used. Traditional joiner techniques make screws superfluous and, therefore, their work last for decades. The aim of the young Swiss label: furniture that almost never has to be disposed of. If that is not sustainable, what is?

The company, which is based near Basel, designs all its own furniture and produces exclusively in small series - with a high focus on design, material and craftsmanship. This is also reflected in the functional designations of the three leaders Cyrill, Boniface and Jan: “Furniture Sommelier”, “Chef de production” and “Artistic Director,” respectively. Your tables, loungers, sofas and beds are created with dedication. They should contribute to a mentally healthy living environment and bring joy to their owners for many years. JACOBY moebel achieves this through a clear focus on timeless design and uncompromising quality.

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