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Frottee di Mare

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The young Frottee di Mare label brings colour into the bathroom and down to the beach. The artist Nina Hebting from Zurich develops designs for bathroom towels – literally weaving art into an everyday product. The outcome is unique terry cloth towels, which make just as nice a picture on the wall as they do in the bathroom.

Here, art is woven into an everyday product. Literally.

On Nina Hepting’s side is her partner Jan Leu. The designer loves to create something special out of everyday items. At Frottee die Mare the motifs are woven and not printed – so their effect is evident on both sides. Named after Italian coastal towns, they add a fresh ocean breeze to the home.

The high quality towels are produced in a family-operated facility in Austria. The Frottee di Mare collection can be obtained through their own online shop as well as in select fixed shop retailers.

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