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Last Call: These are the last beneficiaries of the Creative Business Coaching

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INIGO bookstand, La Laura, KUORI and Barth & Licskai: These four projects were selected last Wednesday for the next season of Creative Business Coaching. Over the next few months, the teams will be closely accompanied by Creative Hub's network of experts in order to further develop their ideas and their businesses.

Creative Hub announced its Creative Business Coaching program for the last time. In December 2021, Creative Hub - the supporting platform for Swiss creative industries - will cease its activities after eight years. Interest in the Last Call remained high. The teams behind the most promising ideas were digitally invited to a pitch in front of a jury last Wednesday. With their convincing presentations, strong visions and innovative strength, four projects convinced the jury: INIGO bookstand, La Laura, KUORI, and Barth & Licskai.

Entrepreneurs of the Future

In addition to the products and ideas, the people behind the projects also impressed the jury. "The teams not only convinced us with their visions and projects, but also with their strong entrepreneurial spirit!" says Regula Staub, managing director of Creative Hub. The participants can now expect an intensive support program over the next seven months. They will be accompanied by coaches and experts from various industries in order to further develop their business ideas and successfully bring their products and services to market. Creative Hub gives them access to networks with relevant economic players and enables them to use platforms to show their work at home and abroad.

INIGO Bookstand

The patented self-leveling mechanism of the INIGO bookstand ensures that the opened double page is always completely flat, creating a new experience, especially for art book lovers. For the first time, images running across the gutter can be enjoyed without an annoying gap.

La Laura

From the office to the gym to the bar - it’s very easy to carry the La Laura bag. The innovative diagonal opening across the corner puts an end to rummaging around because the extra-large access allows your new favorite bag to be packed, unpacked and repacked quickly. Ideal for sports equipment, but also for a laptop, smart phone and wallet.with its elegant and stylish design, La Laura makes you look good everywhere.

KUORI is researching new materials based on the banana peel and its applications within the circular economy. The concept thus positively expands the banana fruit cycle and reduces the amount of waste. Various processing methods using biodegradable materials are being researched.
Barth & Licskai

Textiles are part of our everyday life. Despite this omnipresence, the appreciation of textiles has steadily declined over past decades. Barth & Licskai tells stories from our textile present and past through the combination of textile design and digital medium. Various fashion accessories serve to spark curiosity about the textile world, into which one can dive by means of a QR code attached to the label.

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