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Creative Hub says goodbye: KUORI wins prize money from the last promotional series

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 —  Press Release

With the completion of the 2021 promotional period and the award of prize money, the Creative Hub promotional initiative will come to an end: Creative Hub is ceasing all activities at the end of the year. On Thursday, Creative Hub brought its community together for the last time and presented the final series of promotion.

After more than 8 years of promoting and supporting those in the creative industries, Creative Hub is ceasing its activities at the end of the year. Creative Hub was founded in 2013 as a pioneering project with the aim of providing an effective, national incubator for the creative industries. Hundreds of innovative creative projects were supported and over a thousand coaching sessions were carried out. Now it's time for Creative Hub to announce: Mission accomplished!

Last Thursday, Creative Hub invited the community to Zurich to toast past successes and to get to know the projects of the last promotional series. INIGO bookstand, KUORI and La Laura presented their business ideas to the interested public in short pitches. The prize money for the most convincing project was CHF 5,000.

Team KUORI, which is researching new materials based on the banana peel, was able to convince the jury with their successful pitch and strong vision. The jury, consisting of Eva Pauline Bossow (Zurich Center for Creative Economies), Davide Fornari (ECAL) and Patrick Reymond (Atelier oï), justified their decision this way: “First of all, we want to stress the quality of all three teams. The pandemic has got us used to hard times, and now more than ever it is important to support young talent—through grants, coaching and exposure—so that they can express and deploy the potential of their design concepts. The jury decided to award the grant of CHF 5’000 to team KUORI, which enables them to test the potential of the material with which they are developing the manufacturing of shoes. The jury acknowledged the potential and ambition of the project, the personal growth of the team over the coaching period, and the positive impact that the grant will have on future developments of this new, sustainable material.”
Meanwhile, KUORI is overjoyed with the victory: “It is very motivating to see that others also share our vision and want to support us in our project. A big thank you goes out to Creative Hub for their amazing support, to the jury and to the other great projects for the inspiring exchange!" 

Congratulations go to KUORI but also to all the other teams. A big thank you goes to everyone who has supported the pioneering Creative Hub project in recent years and made it possible in the first place. The work of Creative Hub has, on one hand, underscored the importance of national promotion for the creative industries, but, on the other hand, has always highlighted the potential of Swiss creative industries.

Press Release (PDF)

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